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The Institute of Global Education (IGE) recognizes the crucial role of education in creating a peaceful and sustainable world. We believe that we are all connected, that we coexist in one big, interdependent web of life, and that each of us has the power to make a difference in the future of our planet.

Education is the key to ensuring that the future provides a high quality of life for everyone. Such an education must stress two vitally important elements. One is the importance of humanitarian values. The other is knowledge needed to quickly and humanely respond to accelerating, world-wide changes.

We invite you to learn about our services and to get involved as we explore opportunities and solutions for an interdependent, peaceful, and sustainable world.

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Nepal Pilot Online Educational Program

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United States: 2355 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97215

Canada: Box 2385, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada, V1E 4R3


General Email: info@global-education.ca


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Take a look at our Current and Past Initiatives

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Taking initiative and making things happen is essential to creating a more interdependent and sustainable world.

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Work with us to build a healthier and more peaceful world!


IGE believes partnerships are essential to effectively respond to the many educational needs for those in need and collectively address sustainable and holistic development at the international level.

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Learn more about us!

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Operating since 1986, IGE has a long history of service!  It is our intention to use those many years of experience to continue to support educational initiatives and services.

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