Where Education is Key

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in Oregon.

Our funding comes largely from individual donors.

Our Core Statements

Our Vision

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A world where social justice and equal opportunity are available to everyone, where both self-reliance and collaborative interdependence are a way of life, and where humans live in peace and in harmony with our natural system for long-term quality of life.


Our Mission

To support and empower change agents for a better world, through education and on-the-ground projects, who contribute to greater justice, equality of opportunity and long-term sustainability.

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Operating Criteria

In all of its work, IGE  seeks to: Educate, Inspire, Collaborate.

In pursuing its mission, IGE’s programs and partnerships are chosen and operated to achieve SYNERGY:

  • Simultaneously address spiritual, political, social, economic and environmental factors
  • Yield increased effectiveness through integration and collaboration
  • Navigate from problems to opportunities
  • Eliminate poverty, ignorance and discrimination
  • Retain and reclaim traditional wisdom
  • Gain both immediate and longer-term results
  • Yield continual improvement


United Nations ECOSOC Status

IGE was granted special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 1998.


IGE applied for membership on the Council in order to have a closer working relationship with the international community and because we thought our background and experience, particularly in working with indigenous peoples and through our radio station, would be helpful in the work of the Council. At a meeting of the Council, attended by IGE’s Dr. F. Richard Schneider, the members agreed and voted unanimously in favor of admittance. Since then, IGE has participated in the deliberations and activities of the Council whenever appropriate.

Directors and Staff

Our Directors and staff are volunteers who work very hard. To see a full list of our Directors and staff …See the List



Our International Board

Our international Board consists of eleven board members from Africa, Canada, Costa Rica, and the USA.  For a full list ….See the List