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Partners and Affiliates

World Service Association

The World Service Association http://worldserviceassociation.org is a Canadian, non-profit organization committed to applying the principles of higher consciousness to day to day activities. The Association promotes sustainable communities where each individual achieves the highest degree of self-realization within a community of cooperation. They host events designed to increase both awareness of and day to day practices that embody right human relations. The Association is a major supporter of the Indian Student Scholarship Program, continually raising and contributing significant amounts of money.


Meghalaya Global Peace Consortium

The Peace Consortium was formed in November of 2010 during the conference, Embracing Peace Education – Empowering the Individual, Institutions and Communities: Special focus on Indi. The conference was held on November 6-8, 2010 in Shillong, Meghalaya., which brought together a number of Governmental and non-governmental organizations from around the world.

The vision of the Consortium is, “To contribute to the society where peace prevails and individuals can realize their full potential by providing knowledge and skills needed to enable them to become global citizens”. To further this vision, the consortium adopted the following goals:

  • “We aim to understand the causes of conflict and to empower individuals and institutions to embrace the belief and work toward that peace is possible. This can be achieved with partnership and collaboration and by working together in programs, designing educational curriculum project and research.
  • The focus of this mission is on children, women, men, families, communities and environment”.
  • MGPC, 2010 will be a local, state, national and international effort to ensure full democratic, non-discriminatory and vigorous participation. It will be an inclusive forum actively soliciting the best participation, advice, counsel, and resources, wherever they may be.

Further information about the consortium can be obtained from Dr. Leban Serto , Manipur University, Imphal, Manipur, India Email: leban.serto@gmail.com. Dr. Serto is also member of IGE’s Board of Directors.


United Nations

IGE has had a long-standing connection with the United Nations, which began with the establishment, in 1986, of Radio for Peace International on the Campus of the United Nations University for Peace, in Costa Rica.   The connection was strengthened through various activities, notably the Indigenous Conferences. In 1998, IGE was granted special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council and participates in the affairs of the Council as described under United Nations Activities.


United Nations University for Peace

IGE’s affiliation with the United Nations University for Peace began with the agreement to locate the world-wide, shortwave broadcasting station, Radio for Peace International, on the University campus in Costa Rica http://upeace.org/ . This collaborative relationship was maintained from 1986 until 2003 when RFPI closed due to the advent of the internet and the declining significance of short wave radio.

IGE and the University for Peace cohosted a conference, Focus on the Future – Empowering Agents of Change, in Costa Rica on March 3rd and 4th of 2014.